• Reduces the cost of borrower acquisition and provides borrower deal flow
  • Reduces the cost and time to deployment of technology with turn-key SaaS solution
  • Reduces the risk of borrower “stacking”
  • Reduces the risk of regulatory compliance issues
  • Provides loan level data to investors for asset pools


  • Links borrowers to a network of online lenders who want to increase loan transaction volumes.
Decrease Costs
  • Allows banks to reduce acquisition costs and initiate online lending programs without costly investment in lead gen marketing programs.


Find Borrowers
  • Filters borrowers to match lending criteria.
Partner Matching
  • Connects a broad range of third-party loan products and supports the monetization of turn-downs.

Origination & Underwriting

Loan Applications
  • Automates credit evaluation, scoring and pricing.
Manage Complex Loans
  • Manages departmental workflows and tasks.
  • Automates document generation, approval workflows and signatures. Eliminate paper and improve efficiencies.
  • Eliminates paper and improves efficiencies.
  • Collaborates among all stakeholders to collect, view, review and approve lending documents.

Loan Servicing

  • Manages complex loan servicing.
  • Automates billing, ACH, payments, and fees.
  • Provides sub-ledger transactions.
Complete Servicing
  • Restructures or refinances loans.
  • Manages investors, loan fractualization and loan buybacks.
Complete Management
  • Manages assets, returns or resell.
  • Manages payoffs, write-offs, refinances and payment plans.


  • Provides all of the necessary security controls to ensure the authenticity and non-repudiation demanded for critical asset-backed documents.
  • Supports leading electronic document signing solutions for all types of documents, meeting ESIGN and UETA legal requirements.


Transaction Services
  • Ensures the integrity of the Authoritative Copy to mitigate legal and regulatory risk.
Transferable Records & Digital Securitization
  • Manages electronic documents to the highest legal standard to facilitate highest ratings with full market valuation.
  • Expedites the transfer of control for securitization or collateralization.


Automate Collections
  • Automates key collection activates and communications with borrowers.
  • Manages collection queues and organizes by priority.
  • Builds and manages efficient workflows to maximize collection staff efforts.
  • Manages promise to pay.